Insurance Claim
1. Insurance
Konkuk University Medical Center has direct billing contracts with numerous international insurance companies.
Payment guarantee services are provided for the holders of private health insurance from the companies that have a contract with KUMC.
2. Insurance Claim Process (International Health Insurance Holder)
Cashless service is available only if:
- Co-Pay (a small amount paid when a patient sees a doctor, regardless of the treatment degree): $ 0
- Co-Insurance (a certain percentage of patient’s expenses incurred): 0%
- Deductible (the amount the patient must pay before the start of the insurance benefits): $ 0
 Please note that the direct billing service is only available when the insurance company covers 100%.
First, please check if your insurance company has a contract with the KUMC International Healthcare Center.
Second, please request and receive a certificate of guaranteed payment. Please call or e-mail your insurance company when you request for it and include the date of your appointment, diagnosis, symptom, and treatment procedure, along with your next date of appointment. Most insurance companies will ask for the certificate of guaranteed payment from the hospital for each visit. (** We recommend that you call your insurance company rather than send an e-mail because, in the previous case, it took longer for the insurance company to respond via e-mail.)
The certificate of guaranteed payment must be sent to the International Healthcare Center or Emergency Medical Center at least three to four days prior to your appointment. If the International Healthcare Center does not receive an accurate certificate for your medical date, you must pay 100% of the cost and submit a claim to the insurance company.
Before you visit the hospital, you should always check the required documents for filing a claim. The International Healthcare Center will provide you with assistance upon request. (** Even if the insurance company is able to guarantee payment, you must pay the charges incurred when the insurance company requests for certificates.)
Please check the limited or excluded items in your payment guarantee. KUMC International Healthcare Center guarantees payment only for items covered by your insurance company. Patients should be aware of items not covered by the insurer and pay directly for items if they are not covered by the insurer.
3. Contracted Insurance Company
KUMC has direct claim contracts with the following companies. Click on the insurance company name to go to its website.
4. Non-Contracted Insurance Company
Other Personal Overseas Insurance Holders:
- Please pay and claim the insurance yourself.
* English receipt, medical report, and detailed medical statements are available.